In order to bring the painstaking effort of attaining peace to its realization, the State of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, has made two courageous and exceptional decisions: Withdrawal from Lebanon and disengagement from the Gaza Strip.

These were two very difficult decisions made by the courageous leadership of a peace-seeking country.

In return, Israel was confronted with hostility, terror and ongoing attacks on its borders with the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. From the beginning of July, Israel has endured malicious and brutal attacks perpetrated on and within its borders by two terrorist organizations: Hammas and Hezbollah.

To date, three IDF soldiers have been kidnapped and many killed.

As a citizen of the free world, I am calling for the United Nations and my government to ban political, economical and tourist relations with the Lebanese, Iranian and Syrian governments, who serve as host countries to these terror organizations and who are supporting them financially.

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